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The Unity Initiative: Changing Lives

Ten years ago, a team of LWB volunteers traveled to Henan to provide surgeries for orphaned children.  What happened there in 2005 changed the lives of these volunteers and became the seed of an idea that blossomed into our Unity Initiative.

Baby Yue

As word of the surgeries spread, a crowd of families began to form at the hospital. These families were mostly rural farmers who were unable to afford life-changing surgeries that their children desperately needed, and many of them had walked for days to reach the hospital, clinging to the hope that their children could possibly be healed.

Family after family expressed their frustration at not being able to provide their precious children with the medical care that they needed due to the expense, and many told us they had considered leaving their children at the local orphanage in the hope their children might receive medical care. Our team realized that by providing medical care to families living in poverty, we could possibly prevent children from becoming orphaned.  What an inspiring idea!

Since that time LWB has been honored to help many families stay united with the children they love so dearly. We have provided surgeries to families who might otherwise face the difficult decision of considering abandoning their children just to get them medical care. We are humbled to think that we have played a small part in keeping families together, and it is our dream to help many more rural families with medical care in the future through our Unity Initiative.

Families like Meredith’s

Meredith 5

and Jiang’sJiang-2-14-12-3

and Jessica‘s,

Jessica 2014-08-30 1

and most recently, Samuel and his family from the Tibetan Plateau.


Some children, like Maddox, still wait for their surgeries to be funded.


Donations to our Unity Initiative fund allow us to say “yes” when families come to us for help. Every surgery changes a child’s and family’s future forever. We hope you will join with us in this dream by donating to our Unity Initiative.

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