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The Waiting Room Toy


Do you know that sanity-saving “cube” toy that many waiting rooms have?  LWB recently sent one to Maoming, along with many other toys.  I think this one was a favorite!


Besides being fun to play with, it is a great toy for interactive and cooperative play.  The roller coaster beads, spinning blocks, and peek-a-boo doors help develop fine motor skills that will later be used for writing.  The alphabet blocks give the kids an early introduction to Pinyin.


The kids don’t care about any of that; they just think its fun!  I got a kick out of all the photos showing how much they enjoyed it.  It was great to know that this one toy captured the interest of so many children.


As you can see from the photo above, the babies were the first group to have a go at it.


Then, the preschoolers got a chance.  The little girl on the right looks like she is in deep concentration.  It’s just too much fun pushing those beads around!  Note the girl on the left . . . 


 She is still playing with this toy even after the other kids have moved on.



Even the older boys couldn’t resist playing with the beads!



Thanks to everyone who made the purchase of these toys possible!  


Kate Finco

Director of Special Projects 

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  • chinalwb says:

    Bonjour Christelle. How exciting that you recognized your daughter in a blog from 2008! We would love to see her now if you are willing to share a photo with us: lwb.foundation@lwbmail.com. Thank you so much, and best of luck with your second adoption!

  • christelle02 says:

    Hi !! I’m crying … the little girl onthe picture of the two preschool girls (the right concentratedone) is mine !! I’m sure : her smile, her concentrated eyes, her mark between eyes ! She is now 9, with us, her forerver family in France for 2 years ! She is a wonderful girl, clever, always smiling.

    We are now wiating for a second adoption from Maoming, with Medecins du Monde again.
    Thanks for all what you’re doing there for kids !

    Christelle, from France