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The weather outside is frightful…

. . . but our babies are still delightful!

A couple of sudden cold fronts in December prompted the Cleft Home to make quilts for the babies there so they can keep warm as they snuggle in bed each night.

From Zhang Ming, the manager of the Home:

We didn’t have winter quilts, for this is the first winter for our ACHH. One of our nanny’s, Zhao Su Qin, who lives in the country in the Zhang Village, which is on the outskirts of rural Hefei, took it upon herself to handle this project. She gathered some cotton from the farmers to make a batting and then bought some cloth to cover the outside. Then lovingly she sewed the pieces together to make cotton padded quilts for each baby. Here she is sewing the quilts together.

The quilts were all put in use one week ago. Together the nannies made 20 quilts in all; one each for the 16 beds and four as spare ones for change.

Thank you Zhao Su Qin and everyone who helped make quilts to keep our Cleft Home babies snuggled and warm!

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