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The World Is Better With Me In It: Life Skills Camp 2019

We are less than three weeks away from the start of the fourth LWB-hosted Life Skills Camp in Beijing for orphaned teens who are close to or have “aged out” of institutional care. This week-long camp will bring together children from nine orphanages around China for classes on important topics such as adolescence, money management, and personal safety.

In addition to the daily classes, the teens will also go on field trips to important cultural landmarks such as the Great Wall or the Forbidden City.

Visiting the Great Wall is a dream for many in China, so this is always a favorite landmark for the teens to visit.

A teen who attended last year’s camp wrote about the experience, “While sightseeing in Beijing I remembered the saying, “climbing the Great Wall is a must in order to be a strong and courageous person” [Quote by Mao Zedong]. The Great Wall looks like a huge dragon spiraling between the banks and mountain ranges. It is so long you can’t even see its head. What a magnificent sight.”

For many of the teens, this is the first time they will have ever left their orphanage town. One teen said this about the journey: “I was so excited to be chosen to go to the Life Skills Summer Camp. When I first heard the news from the nanny on duty that I was going to Beijing, I could hardly believe it because Beijing to me was a place seemed so far away that it could never be reached. To a child like me, “Beijing” was only a noun with two syllables.”

The theme of each camp is The World is Better with Me in It.

We feel this theme is vitally important since this will be the first time many of these teens will have heard this important message.

One girl told us, “During the week, I learned how to face life, how to be kind to myself, and how special I am.”

Another wrote, “I will be someone of use, live my best life every day, because you told me “I am loved.”

Today we are asking you to consider sponsoring an orphaned teen for Life Skills Camp. Your support is so important. Full sponsorships are available for $375 each (each teen needs two), but smaller donations are critical as well. Every dollar given gets us closer to our goal of sending 42 children from nine orphanages to camp in Beijing.

Make a donation of any amount today, and we will match you with other supporters to sponsor a teen’s fees.

Your donations toward this program will make a lifelong difference to the children like twelve-year-old Yue, seen above, who often have lived their entire lives without the support of a family. For so many of these teens, Life Skills Camp is the first time they hear the message, “Your life truly matters.”

In the words of Liang who attending camp last year, “Thank you so much for your love and support. It is because of you, that the world becomes even more fantastic.”

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