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The Year in Foster Care: 2016

As we prepare to ring in the Year of Rooster and farewell the Year of the Monkey, we continue to reflect upon 2016.

This week we feature the children in our foster care programs. If not for our dedicated sponsors, foster families, staff, and volunteers spanning across the globe, foster care would not be a reality for these orphaned children. Please enjoy some highlights from our foster care programs!

Our Sanmenxia children received early New Year’s gifts:  wheels! Bicycles had been a dream of our older boys like Shane who saw their peers enjoying the freedom that riding a bicycle gave.

Thanks to our manager, China director, and some generous sponsors, their dream came true. Daniel was so excited to try out his bike with his foster father!

The younger children received wheels in the form of scooters and a trike. We are always looking for ways to provide our children in foster care with the same opportunities and experiences as their peers.

February is the time for Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, and the children in foster care enjoyed the celebrations. Some watched and helped with the preparation of special food before they chowed down, while others like Qiandongnan’s Annie-Jane were surrounded by their foster families in celebratory Miao finery.

Children like Emmerson from Lanzhou delighted in new toys  — a key to stimulating the imagination.

Alan and the children from Shantou enjoyed the final days of the festival with lanterns.

We’re thrilled that these children were all part of loving families and able to enjoy and learn important cultural traditions.

Good nutrition is key to healthy growth, a strong immune system, and the ability to learn and to play. in 2016, we continued to provide blenders to foster families with children 6 to 18 months of age accompanied by information about the introduction of different foods into the children’s diets.

Multivitamins and fortified cereal were also provided to ensure good health to children in all of our program locations.

It has been wonderful to see nine-year-old Caitlin from Xiaoxian, who is in a wheelchair begin to put on much needed weight. We’ve watched her health and well being improve through the regular supply of Nutren, a complete, calorically-dense liquid nutrition. Special formula isn’t just for little ones! We’re glad that our sponsors see the benefits of great nutrition and help us make that a reality.

Three of our foster children had cleft repair surgery during the 2016 Cleft Medical Exchange in Kaifeng including Joy from Tongren, Mary Beth from Qiandongnan, and Shane from Xiaoxian.

Joy with her new friend, LWB volunteer Nick

Mary Beth, before and after her cleft repair surgery

Happy Shane in the hospital!

We can’t wait to share more foster care highlights with you tomorrow, including some adoption news!

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