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This Giving Tuesday, Give Your Voice


As you might be aware, today (December 2nd) is “Giving Tuesday,” a global day dedicated to being generous and giving back. It was started as a way to remind us that there is more to the holidays than the shopping madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And while we all know deep down that this season is an incredible time to show unconditional love to others, it’s also nice to have days like this to remind us.


Hopefully most of you have already received our year end campaign letter. Please know that your gifts in December are so essential to our work with orphaned children! Today, however, we are asking you to give in another way. Today, we’re asking you to give your voice for all the children who often don’t have voices of their own. Today, we’re asking you to proclaim that every child on earth matters.


I hope by now you have seen our Every Child Counts challenge, as there have been some absolutely beautiful photos shared with us on social media. Seriously, each and every one has brought the biggest smile to my face!


In case you missed it, for the next month we’re asking people to post a photo or video online publicly stating that every child’s life is important. We are using the hashtags #EveryChildCounts and #LoveStartsHere so they can easily be found.


As a mom to a child with special needs, I am well aware of how the world often views people who have extra challenges. They are often pushed to the side or overlooked for the wonderful, amazing individuals they are. So let’s lend our voices and shout from the rooftops that EVERY child born deserves love and acceptance.


This Giving Tuesday, let’s indeed be generous and pour out our affirmations that all kids are important. Eleven years ago, God put three simple words deeply in my heart: Every Child Counts. Since that time, LWB volunteers and team members have worked to spread the message that all children, regardless of their needs, deserve to experience love and be treated with dignity and care.


Join with us and share your photos and videos affirming that Every Child Counts, and then take a moment to tell the kids in your life that they are beautifully and uniquely made. As Pablo Casals once wrote, each child should know that “he is a miracle, and that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.”

Can you even imagine what this world would be like if each of us could really believe that about ourselves?


If you are wanting some real encouragement today, stop by and see some of the wonderful photos that people have shared in our Every Child Counts Facebook album. I promise they will touch your heart.


Happy Giving Tuesday!

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

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