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This Is Your Life: Wen

I would like to introduce you to a darling baby named Wen. She is in an orphanage that receives support from LWB’s nutrition program.

Our China program manager, Lisa, recently visited her. How wonderful it is to know that she is receiving formula, which extra little care our supporters have helped to provide. Wen is obviously a future multi-tasker. Can YOU play while eating? How about standing while drinking (at her age, this is more of an accomplishment for you and me)? Reminds me of myself… I often eat while driving, working, sitting at the computer! No sitting around wasting time eating for her!!

We also got a picture of her with her nanny. Right now Wen’s claim to fame in this world is being on this blog because of what she drinks! SOMEDAY, though, she will hopefully be the star in someone else’s life for a very different reason!

Suzanne Damstedt
Nutrition Director

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