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Thomas and Zane: Help Us Send Them To School

Love Without Boundaries has always stood in the gap for orphaned children, working nonstop to ensure they receive every chance possible at a better future. Thanks to our supporters at home and our team members on the ground in our country locations, we’ve brought hope to thousands of orphaned children over the years. Today we want you to meet two more who need our help.

Thomas, who suffered unspeakable trauma and the loss of both parents, was left completely on his own at a very young age. He was referred to us for education support in the hope that he might have a chance for a happier life.

We are so pleased to report that Thomas is learning, growing, and even smiling these days.

Zane was left a true orphan after the death of his mother and father, and yet he continued to work extremely hard in school.

In Uganda, it’s estimated that only 1/3 of children finish primary school. For Zane to have persevered and actually have graduated from high school is an incredible achievement. He was overjoyed to be accepted into a competitive nursing school, but then was unable to attend as he had no way to come up with the tuition.

Can you even imagine his heartbreak to make it so far, only to not be able to continue? Thankfully, Zane was recently referred to our Uganda Education program, and we want to help his dreams of being a nurse come true.

We are proud to stand with Zane and are hoping to be able to cover his nursing school tuition and related educational expenses, investing in his future and the impact it will have on his entire community — a community that is in desperate need of healthcare workers.

At Love Without Boundaries, we believe Every Child Counts, and every child deserves a chance for happiness. Through the transformative power of education, we can open doors to a brighter tomorrow.

This week, we are working to raise a total of $8,000 to help orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda like Thomas and Zane. As of now, we have raised a little over $4,000, so we’d love for you to join us in supporting these orphaned children.

We would be so grateful if you would consider making a donation in support of these boys and the other precious and deserving children in our rural education program in Uganda. Your donations truly make the difference of an entire lifetime.

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