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Thoughts on National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month.  To help celebrate we created a video we thought was flat out FUN, showing families formed through adoption getting their groove on.   We released it a little over a week ago, and the negative comments about international adoption started shortly after.  Obviously a lot of people have very different ideas on what exactly National Adoption Month (NAM) stands for, and many feel that only domestic adoption should be included.

NAM began when President Ford first declared a national adoption week to help promote adoption from the U.S. foster care system.  In 1990, it was expanded to an entire month since so many states were participating and so many events were scheduled.  For over 20 years now we have had this wonderful month to celebrate and promote adoption, and of course the U.S. foster care system has always been in the spotlight, which is a wonderful focus that I fully support.  But I thought that NAM was also a month to celebrate ALL children whose lives are impacted through adoption.  Those of us who are adoptive parents ourselves know that many of our children face continual questions and comments about how they joined our families, and National Adoption Month is a wonderful time to help educate our communities about important adoption issues.

No baby born has a say into which country they enter the world.  I believe so strongly that every child on this earth is innocent. They didn’t get to choose whether they were orphaned or placed into foster care, but all of them deserve to be loved and have a family of their own.   I am one of those sentimental fools who celebrates each time I hear that a child has found a permanent home.  One of my friends works for our state’s organization helping children, and it makes me happy each and every time I hear that a child from our Oklahoma foster care system has been chosen.  Or when I hear that a friend is bringing home three older siblings from Liberia, I celebrate that the children can remain united and have a permanent family.  And of course every time a child from one of our programs is chosen for adoption, it is such an enormous joy as I know the struggles orphaned children with special needs face in China.  To me, it is always a joy when a child who has been all alone in the world has a family step forward to say, “WELCOME HOME.”

 ~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

What do you all think?  Is National Adoption Month for all adopted children?  Or did we cross the line by promoting international adoption as well?

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  • roomforatleastonemore says:

    Honestly, people who have an issue with this are possibly racist? I hate to say it, but this does enter my mind. I mean, why not adopt a child who needs a home and why does it matter if the child was born in the US or another country?

    I see all children who are without a family to be in need of adoption or at least a foster family. No child should have to navigate this world alone.


  • Mandy says:

    Breaks my heart that some would discount international adoption during this time. I think your post and advocacy is completely appropriate and that the response to your post simply proves that the advocacy is sooooo necessary! Continue to educate, advocate, and be the voice for those whose voice can’t be heard. Step into the fray on their behalf. Thank you for persevering even under criticism.

  • Teri Piver says:

    I think the video is AWESOME! Makes my heart burst with joy to see all of the “happy dances.” It could very well be that those in opposition have never adopted a child, but feel they have a right to judge. I say, “keep on rockin’, and advocating for adoption!”

  • Corine says:

    Since the President Obama referenced the ‘International Adoption Simplification Act” in the proclamation, I would certainly take that as an indication that it is “ok” to celebrate and promote international adoptions this month. No line-crossing in my view….

  • tculauren says:

    keep on keeping on! Agree 100%