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Three Cheers for Gerri!

Hip hip hooray! We are overjoyed to welcome little Miss Gerri to her new foster care family in Sanmenxia.

Gerri reaching 10.15

Gerri is two years old and has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  She has been putting a lot of effort into mastering how to walk and, although still a little bit wobbly, she can get from place to place and loves to do so.

Gerri walking 10.15

Gerri is able to  feed herself and is trying to pronounce sounds. She is moving forward, taking everything in her stride — including her extra chromosome, which we think makes her extra cute.

Gerri2 10.15

A social little girl, Gerri loves to smile and plays well with other children. Her favorite thing at the moment is to give goodbye kisses.

Gerri 10.15

Soon, Gerri will be turning three. The best gift of all that you can give her is to be one of her sponsors and to support her in foster care.

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