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Tian Chi: LWB’s Featured Student of the Week


Tian Chi is a motivated senior in our Anhui Secondary and Higher Education (SHE) program.  He tells us that he is always thinking about how to go one step further to improve. His friends would say he is serious when it comes to his education. They observe that he considers everything to be important and leaves nothing up to chance.


Tian Chi’s family consists of his mother, father, an older brother and the brother’s wife. His mother’s health is not very good and his father works in a brick yard, but sometimes doesn’t receive a salary. Tian Chi’s middle finger was cut by a grasshook, so writing is difficult for him.


Reading science fiction books, watching funny movies and jogging are some of Tian Chi’s hobbies. He tells us that his favorite holidays are Mid- Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year because he can be at home with his family and they can celebrate together.


If he could visit anywhere, Tian Chi says it would be the ocean. He said he saw the ocean on TV when he was little and has always dreamed of playing and relaxing on the beach.


Tian Chi would describe his senior year as “tiring.” He has ten classes a day, a study hall, and then homework every evening. He has decided to not go home as much so that he can remain at school to study and review.


Tian Chi says that he won’t be afraid because he has dreams and he will continue no matter how hard the road is. His goal is to live each day to the fullest, keep his head down and study so that he can get into an ideal university. He would like to thank everyone who has supported him along his journey. He has felt their warmth and care.

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