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Time For A Trip!

April is rapidly approaching and with it the excitement of a Medical Exchange Trip!

Traveling from Minnesota to Children’s Hospital at Fudan University in Shanghai will be Dr. John Ness, a Cranial Facial Surgeon and Dr. Creston Martin, an anesthesiologist. They will be joined there by LWB China staff, Richard Zhaung, Liping and Yvonne.

They will teach while performing cleft surgeries and providing lectures to the medical staff there. Germans founded Fudan University, perhaps more than a hundred years ago. It is now considered the best in Shanghai and has a top national reputation.

The Fudan Children’s Hospital Surgeons wish to learn more about cleft palate surgery, complex lip and cleft repairs and how to perform more complicated procedures involving facial clefts. We have the perfect teaching opportunity for them and a chance to help a beautiful baby boy, Gavin.

Gavin has a cleft lip and plate that extends into a type of facial cleft. Not only will he help the surgeons learn how to correct this difficult and rare condition on Gavin and other children but also Gavin will receive a beautiful smile and the opportunity for a family of his own. Gavin and all of the other children needing sponsorship are listed under the Help Sponsor a Medical Exchange Child banner through this link – http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/medical_sponsor_child.cfm#exchange .

Dr. Ness has served the children of China on several other occasions, most recently this fall in Anhui and we have the privilege of working with him again. He has a tremendous love for children and constantly looks for ways to use his skills to help others.

We are also very blessed to be having Dr. Creston Martin joining him on this Exchange. Dr. Martin is an anesthesiologist in Minnesota and has served on a LWB mission trips in the past.

Here’s a before and after picture of one young patient, Bo, helped through surgery . . . what a difference!

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