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Timing is Everything!

Just this morning I received a request for preemie formula for several of the little ones in our Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit. At least one of our babies does best with Similac Neosure formula, which is not available in China. So I said I would work on it, but regrettably it could take up to three weeks to get the formula there. I hoped they weren’t in a tremendous hurry!

Before I even had time to post on the major adoption lists to find a courier, I received an email from “Elise,” a woman who had heard that we sometimes need protein powder to be sent to China with travelers. She was going to visit Dr. Hill at New Hope Foundation in Beijing and thought she could drop off some supplies with our Beijing director.

It was the best timing and also very convenient, because our Heartbridge Unit is actually housed on the grounds of New Hope Foundation. So I asked if she would like to take some Neosure preemie formula when she traveled. Elise wondered how we would get the formula to her, and I explained that we would find the best price online, purchase, and have the formula shipped directly to her. I had just found a good deal on eBay that looked promising (yes, we are penny-pinchers in the Nutrition program!), and I could order some right away.

Elise wrote back to say she had just won my “good deal” on eBay and was in the running for another case that would close in a couple of hours. It would be her gift to the children. So in an instant, my worry (and any little bit of work I would have done) had vanished, and I knew a wonderful holiday gift was on its way to our littlest Heartbridge residents.

Thank you to Elise, and to all of our supporters, who come through just when we need you. Wishing you all a blessed holiday!

Jan Champoux
Nutrition Director

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