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Ting: LWB’s Featured Student of the Week

Describing herself as an extrovert and a tomboy, Ting is a cheerful 18 year old in our Anhui Secondary and Higher Education program who has overcome many struggles in her life. Ting says that even though she has had her troubles, she tries to always remain optimistic. Laughing and talking with her friends helps her remain positive, and she seems to get along well with just about everyone.

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Ting enjoys playing badminton and watching movies such as “Twilight” and “Transformers.” When she isn’t studying, she likes to watch Korean dramas and read about celebrities in the news. One day she hopes to visit America and Canada. She would like to visit these places so that she can expand her worldview and learn about the western culture. When asked about her favorite holiday, Ting said that any holiday that reunites her family is her favorite.

Sarah w grandpa

Ting’s grandparents support and take care of her and her younger brother. She knows they work very hard to care for her, and she is worried they are lonely. In the future, Ting hopes to support them and “give them all the best things in the world.” Ting is happiest when she can lessen her grandparents’ load or share a meal with them. She said she feels blessed when she is able to help them on their farm and wishes them good health and a long life.


Knowing that people around the world support her education constantly amazes Ting. In her opinion, this shows that “love knows no country.” One day, Ting would love to meet her sponsors so she can thank them face-to-face. To show her appreciation for her sponsors and grandparents, she is motivated to work very hard in school. Her goal is to get into a university. We thank you for helping her to reach her goal and wish her all the best!

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