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Tiny Angels

Over Christmas, we received the heartbreaking news that three of the beautiful babies we were helping passed away. All three of these little angels had been born with heart issues, and as I have written about in the past – winter is by far the hardest time for orphaned babies with medical needs.

Today, I am giving thanks for the lives of Kaira, Quinn, and Jamison. Their lives mattered, and we are so saddened by the loss of all that was yet to be for them.


Jamison – we learned of your loss first, and we are grieving that you were just days away from traveling to Shanghai for your surgery. We were praying so hard for you, little boy, and are so saddened that your heart simply couldn’t go on.


Little Kaira – you were so loved and prayed over. We were so thankful when you came through your initial heart surgery so well, and we are devastated that post-op pneumonia has taken your sweet spirit away from us.


Baby Quinn – I am so sorry that we only had you in our care at Heartbridge for such a short time. We were looking forward to seeing you gain weight and strength for your surgery, and we still are trying to process the terrible news that your heart suddenly stopped beating. You earned your angel wings on Christmas Day, and I hope you flew to the warmth of God’s arms knowing you were loved.

Today I would ask that you think of all the nannies and caregivers who were taking care of these beautiful children. I would also ask for prayers for our volunteers as well. They are such an incredible team of women whose jobs are not easy. When we take a child into our programs, they become “our babies,” and we lift them up and agonize over their care and worry like their moms until we hear they are safely well.

Loving a child is one of the deepest blessings I think we can experience, but of course when you open up your heart to deeply care about someone – it hurts so very much when they are gone. It is always so tragic to me when an orphaned child dies, as our prayers and hopes are for every child to get well enough for a chance at a permanent home and a mom or dad to love them forever. I am so grateful though that our LWB supporters know these children through their photos and stories. There is real comfort in knowing that you also lift these precious children up, as when they pass on to heaven we know they are remembered here on earth.

Jamison, Quinn, and Kaira – may you rest with the angels in perfect peace. We will never forget you.

~Amy Eldridge

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  • Sheri M says:

    Amy, that was a very moving and heartfelt eulogy. No, they will not be forgotten. Blessings upon all those who loved and cared for these little ones, and for so many others like them, and shower them with God’s perfect peace.

  • Claudia says:

    I have a candle burning for each of them…
    Warm regards, Claudia, The Netherlands

  • Kim Ketcham says:

    My deepest sympathies to all the caregivers who held, rocked, fed and prayed in whispers over the lives of the angels. God has blessed LWB with so many good people. Loving children with illness has such great rewards, and many heartaches along the way. May God ease their pain and send his love to each of them.