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Tiny fighter

Born last December in Anhui Province, little Wan had a rough start to her life. Born with a serious heart defect, she actually had to be resuscitated twice while she was in the hospital awaiting corrective surgery. Thank goodness, Wan is a little fighter, and her surgery was a success. When she was released back to the orphanage in June, we began sending her a nutritious infant formula and rice cereal to help her grow stronger. Oh, but she was still SO TINY!

Imagine how thrilled we were to receive follow-up photos, taken in July . Is that a double-chin?!
We just received another photograph this week, and the orphanage tells us that little Wan is still a fighter, growing stronger and more active every day.

We are so grateful to Wan’s orphanage for providing such wonderful care, and we are also grateful to our amazing nutrition supporters. This gift to Wan was made possible by donations made to our General Nutrition fund.

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