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Tiny Tessa’s Progress

Tiny Tessa is a little fighter!

Several weeks ago, an orphanage in Anhui called us about a newborn preemie who had been left on her own. We called her Tessa.

Tessa weighed just 1.5 kilograms and wasn’t eating. In addition, she had low body temperature, and the orphanage staff was concerned. We brought her to the hospital for evaluation, and doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia.

Thankfully Tessa’s pneumonia responded to treatment and has cleared, and she is now up to eating 30 ml every three hours. Doctors at ACH feel she doesn’t have any other medical issues, so once she hits 2 kilograms, she can be discharged to our healing home care.

We’re so grateful to everyone who has sponsored tiny Tessa. We still need approximately $4,500 to cover her hospitalization costs, so donations in any amount would be gratefully accepted and can be made on Tessa’s sponsorship page.

Your support has given her the chance for a healthy future!

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