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Tiny Warriors

preemieSome of the most vulnerable children we help are babies who are born prematurely, many weighing just 1 kg. The standard of care for these tiny newborns usually includes being kept under a warmer or in an incubator, with constant monitoring of their breathing, temperature, and heart function. Many babies require oxygen supplementation and sometimes even the use of a ventilator. That is why it is so remarkable to us when orphanages call us to help preemies who were found abandoned outside and who often were not found for hours after delivery. They are the tiniest warriors, and their strength continually humbles us.

Right now we have two preemies in the hospital, and we are so happy to report that both of them have turned the corner and are on the road to health. Baby Vivienne was found in a very fragile state, suffering from dehydration and weighing just 1.3 kg. We rushed her to a local hospital where she was placed on a ventilator.

Vivienne upon intake weighing just 1.3 kgs.

Once she was stabilized, she was transferred to the provincial children’s hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. She is now up to 1.75 kg and is now taking milk by bottle, so we are hopeful she can be discharged in just a few weeks.

Vivienne giving a little wave from the NICU

Baby Cohen came into our hands at the end of August.  His rural orphanage called us when he wouldn’t feed and because his body temperature was very low.  He was moved to Anhui Children’s Hospital immediately.

Cohen was extremely weak on intake

Cohen has shown himself to be a real fighter, as he has gained weight beautifully day after day.  A recent CT shows no brain bleeding at all, and he now drinks by bottle every two hours.  We are hopeful that he can leave the hospital next week.

Mighty Cohen today

We have been blessed to have cared for so many preemies over the last decade, and we are so thankful for the beautiful outcomes we have seen again and again. Many of our graduates have found permanent families through adoption, both in China and around the world.  We are so grateful to the supporters of our Emergency Medical Fund and our Preemie and Special Formula Fund, as together we can give these smallest of infants the nurturing care they deserve.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

Etan then and now

Barbara had a domestic adoption.

Beautiful Gina was also adopted domestically

Gideon’s transformation is miraculous

Marshall was adopted internationally this year

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