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Tiny Zachary

Tiny Zachary came into the world in August 2011, needing immediate surgery for a serious intestinal defect. LWB’s staff in China was able to have Zach moved to Shanghai for this very important operation, plus a full month of hospital care afterwards. A slow-to-heal incision gave doctors time to do some additional testing on Zachary, and they found that he had a minor abnormality with his heart (a small ASD), in addition to missing bones in his right forearm and an extra toe on his right foot.

Fortunately these additional conditions posed no threat to Zach’s health, and he was able to be discharged to LWB’s Heartbridge Healing Home at the end of September.

In the 21 months since Zachary’s arrival, he has healed very nicely but struggled off and on with respiratory issues. Fortunately he is much healthier these days, and he has received the “green light” for discharge if his bed is needed for a critically ill baby. If Zach needs to leave us at Heartbridge, he will be able to move to another LWB healing home for continued monitoring of his ASD, and to be treated for any respiratory difficulties that possibly re-emerge when cold weather returns.

For now Zachary is spreading joy and his fabulous smiles throughout Heartbridge, charming visitors to pieces, and waiting for word that he has been chosen for adoption. We hear that Zach’s file is with an agency in the U.S.; so perhaps some lucky family has already discovered him! We wish Zachary all the best in his future life, and feel confident that he will soon be able to share his joy with a family of his very own. Keep on smiling, little man!

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