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Tiny Palmer’s Fighting Spirit

Several months ago, we received a call from an orphanage in Anhui asking for help with a one-week baby boy. This newborn, born with Down Syndrome, was struggling to breathe. The orphanage suspected baby Palmer had pneumonia.

Palmer, one week old

Palmer spent several weeks in the hospital receiving pneumonia treatment until he was finally stable enough to move to our healing home.

Our healing home nannies commented on Palmer’s fighting spirit. However, he was still suffering from jaundice, hypothyroidism, and very low oxygen levels . Doctors scheduled his heart surgery, although they were very concerned about complications due to his complex heart defect and thyroid issues. .

Although Palmer’s heart surgery went smoothly, he was in critical condition for five days following the operation. At last, he was weaned from the ventilator, which was a major step we all celebrated.

Palmer was discharged and returned to our Healing Home where he arrived weak and frail. We were extremely concerned about his condition and his failure to put on weight.

When Palmer caught another respiratory infection in December, he was readmitted to the hospital.

In the hospital, he received a feeding tube and IV nutrition to help him gain weight.

Just a few days ago, Palmer was well enough to be discharged back to our healing home. He will receive a specialty formula designed for preemies to help him grow stronger and better able to fight infections. At six months of age, his current weight is just about six pounds.

Palmer’s first few months of life have not been easy, but he is a true tiny warrior. We celebrate his fighting spirit and welcome him back to our healing home with open arms.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Palmer with their thoughts, prayers, and gifts. You all are part of his story, and we are grateful to you for standing in his corner.

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  • Lindsey says:

    He’s Adorable!!!!????? Go Palmer,… Go!!!! God-bless him Let gods Angels glorify him and bless him and keep him safe always,.. in Jesus Name,.. Amen!??????????

  • Carrol Hawkins says:

    Somehow, someday, some way I will be a part of LWB

  • Kristi says:

    So happy to see his progress! What a beautiful little boy!