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Tom: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Tom is only a few months old and he’s had a rough start – but this little guy is a fighter!  At ten days, old, he had surgery for appendicitis. The surgery site then became infected, causing parts of his colon and small intestine to become damaged.


Another surgery removed the damaged areas and gave him a temporary colostomy so he could heal. Tom has been in the ICU since the surgery, which means that his family can’t visit him.

The family asked LWB’s Unity Initiative for help. They had exhausted all possible financial avenues to get him to Shanghai, and Tom still needed another surgery plus intensive care in the ICU. LWB’s generous donors raised the funds to give Tom another month in the ICU.

When LiPing, our manager,visited Tom in the hospital, he met Tom’s mother, grandfather and aunt who were all waiting outside the ICU.  LiPing took photos and video on his cell phone to share with the family. They were so happy to get this connection to Tom since they had not seen their baby for nearly three weeks.  Can you imagine how hard that must be on Tom … and on his family?


At the end of December, Tom’s colostomy was removed. Unfortunately, his post-op recovery was rocky.

First, the colostomy site became infected and required another surgery.


Then Tom became jaundiced and short of breath, so he had to return to the ICU.


Thankfully, his jaundice has decreased, he no longer needs supplemental oxygen, and he is eating some formula on his own!

Tom’s mother and grandfather stay in Shanghai to be with him. They go to the hospital every afternoon. They are not allowed to visit him every time, but the visit still gives them a chance to talk with Tom’s doctors.


They are so happy that Tom is getting better, but they face huge economic pressure. Tom’s medical expenses have already exceeded several years of income, and another month of treatment at Children’s Hospital of Fudan is an entire year of income for the family. They have turned to LWB’s Unity Initiative to ask for help with another month of intensive care in the ICU.

Can you help? No donation is too small to make a difference!


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