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Tomos: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Featured child Tomos

During a visit to one of our foster care programs in Anhui Province last March, LWB’s Foster Care Team met a little boy called Tomos, who was in the local hospital recovering from some respiratory issues. They requested that a foster family be found for him, and Tomos has recently been moved to a foster family. Tomos is six months old and has Down Syndrome.
Tomos with foster mother

Our China managers have now made their first visit to check up on Tomos. They report that he is a content little boy. His foster mother says he doesn’t cry very much, even though the weather has been really hot and uncomfortable lately. He loves to play with some keys his foster mother gives him.

Tomos thriving in foster care

Tomos needs three sponsors at $35 per month to support his foster care placement in Dingyuan. Sponsors will receive monthly updates and photos, giving them the chance to watch Tomos thrive under the care of his new family. Life in an orphanage can never compare to living in a loving family home, and we are so grateful to our sponsors for giving orphaned children the chance to live in a loving family environment. Tomos will receive individual care and attention, his physical and emotional needs will be met, and he will be given the best opportunity to grow and develop in a family setting. Please consider giving Tomos the best start in life we can offer him.


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