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Tongren Foster Care Cereal Fund: LWB’s Project of the Week

Diego and Hada are two of the six children in our Tongren foster care program who are in need of sponsors to provide nutritious cereal for them.  Diego, seen below checking out a box of cereal, wakes up bright and early and asks his foster mother to wake up!  His foster father works away from their home but calls frequently to check on them. Diego loves to hear the sound of his foster father’s voice on the phone when he calls. Diego has a good appetite and also likes to eat rice, noodles, and meat. The cereal program is a wonderful way to supplement his diet, ensuring that he receives the best nutrition we can give him.
Diego in Tongren foster care

Hada can understand simple instructions very well. When her foster mother asks Hada where her ears are, she points right to them. Hada loves when her older foster sister calls on the telephone and always wants her foster mother to let her have a turn to chat! She jabbers away, and although no one understands what she is saying, they all love to watch her excitement as she talks. When she has meals, Hada can tell her foster mother that she is full.  All of us at LWB certainly love to hear that a tummy is full!

Hada in Tongren foster care

Our Tongren foster care program has several more children just like Diego and Hada needing support to give them a good nutritional start to their day.  Adequate nutrition is so important to a child’s growth and development. When children go without necessary nutrients, the body lacks immunity and cannot repair itself. Good nutrition is also essential for a child’s cognitive development. LWB supplies boxes of quality cereal to foster care children under the age of 24 months, ensuring that they receive the best nutrition available. The cereal is delivered monthly by our local foster care managers.

You can make a difference in a child’s life by making a one-time or monthly donation in any amount to this project. A month’s supply of cereal costs $15 per child. Donors will receive monthly updates and photos on the children helped.

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