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Tony: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Tony is a four-year-old boy in LWB’s Believe in Me school in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province. He had his cleft lip repaired this school year, an arrangement that we were able to make with a highly regarded hospital in a different province. They did a remarkable job, and he looks to have healed extremely well. He and the other children receiving surgery enjoyed special gifts and attention at the hospital.

Tony has been making great gains in school and has a strong memory. He enjoys playing with his peers, as well as interacting with his teachers. He especially looks forward to the art projects that are part of an enriching school day!


Tony and his class have enjoyed field trips to local markets, grocery stores, and parks. They have gained experience in selecting and purchasing items at the store, as well as had the opportunity to explore the environment around them.


Tony is in need of sponsors at $25 per month. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos and get to enjoy watching Tony learn and grow.

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