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Top Ten Photos of 2014: Donny and Leo

Donny was born with a condition known as ankyloglossia, where his tongue was tethered to the floor of his mouth. He had surgery earlier this year and then came to stay with us at our Heartbridge Healing Home.


Upon arrival he was very weak, and he was unable to put any weight on his legs. The nannies worked hard at giving him lots of one-on-one care and attention, and soon Donny was zooming around the home in his walker. This photo was taken when he was grinning ear to ear over this wonderful accomplishment!


Leo was born with a complex heart defect and came into our hands after being found with severe pneumonia. This tiny little boy settled in well to our healing home and soon was strong enough to undergo open heart surgery. This beautiful image captures a tender moment between Leo and one of his cardiac nurses, as she held him and comforted him prior to his life-changing operation.

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