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Top Ten Photos of 2014: Scenes from the Hospital

Many of the children in our care have medical needs and require surgery, and as a result we see quite a few photos of children in the hospital. Today’s Top Ten Photos could not be more different, however!

Triple_Trouble_-_Number_8Triple Trouble on the Cleft Trip

LWB held another successful medical exchange in April, with Chinese and American doctors coming together to heal children born with cleft lip and palate. This photo captured a great moment we called “Triple Trouble,” as these three little ones from Gansu Province awaited their surgeries. Unfortunately Madeline (on the right) was secretly sneaking little bits of bread to her good buddy, Melissa (in the middle), which disqualified Melissa for surgery that day since she wasn’t supposed to have food before anesthesia! Kenny (on the left) looks like he thinks they were all pretty clever to postpone surgery for a bit.

Thankfully, all three had successful operations later in the week. (We are looking forward to another exciting cleft exchange next spring!)

Patrick post surgery anal atresiaPatrick in the ICU

Baby Patrick was brought to the orphanage the same day our CEO was visiting, which allowed us to move him immediately to the hospital when it was discovered that he had anal atresia – a life-threatening medical condition. Patrick was able to have emergency surgery right away, and this photo was taken while he was recovering in the ICU. It was also discovered that Patrick had a heart defect, and we are so happy to report that he came through that surgery beautifully as well.  Now Patrick is a happy resident of our Heartbridge Healing Home.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, troublemakers Madeline, Melissa and Kenny as well as little Patrick were all able to receive life-changing surgery.  Every child counts!

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