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Top Ten Photos of 2014: Smiles from Michelle and Shelby

This week we continue counting down the photos you chose as your favorites of 2014!  Photos #4 and #3 feature the smiles of two girls, Michelle and Shelby.

MichelleMichelle’s Crinkly Smile

When orphanages reach out to us for assistance, they often send a photo and information on the child they are calling about. This past summer we were asked to help a new arrival who had been born with albinism. When we opened up baby Michelle’s photo, we couldn’t help but smile. Have you ever seen such a wonderful little grin? We are happy to report that Michelle is doing wonderfully in LWB foster care.

Baby Shelby came into our care as a newborn, when her orphanage was concerned that she was unable to feed due to being born with bilateral cleft lip. Our nannies immediately got to work, and thankfully with lots of patience she began to put on weight.

ShelbyShelby’s Smile

We quickly realized that while Shelby was tiny in size, she was HUGE in personality and intelligence. She was like a little ray of sunshine, smiling and dissolving into giggles at every opportunity. We absolute love this picture of her sharing her happiness and contentment with the world!

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