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One Tough Peanut

In early June, LWB opened our newest project in Henan province: the Starbridge Healing Home.  One of the first babies who came into our hands there was a tiny little girl who had truly struggled during the first five months of her life.  When she arrived at our center, she weighed just 2 kg.  In addition, she had a cervical meningocele which appeared to have broken open.

Peanut 1

We nicknamed her “Peanut,” and we realized that the odds were definitely not in her favor. However, we were grateful we could love her and hold her and try our best to get her the medical care she needed.

SBHH peanut

Peanut had been taken to the local hospital almost immediately upon her arrival, but we soon received news that they were unable to stabilize her.  We knew that Peanut’s only chance was to make it to Fudan University in Shanghai, but she was unable to fly because she was so ill.  Two of our wonderful nannies agreed to take her by train from Kaifeng to Shanghai.

Peanut Crying

We knew the long journey would be extremely hard on little Peanut, but we knew it was her only chance at life.

Peanut Wide Awake

We are so happy to let everyone know that beautiful Peanut came through her surgery very well.  She was removed from the ventilator earlier this week, and she is now fever free and babbling!

Peanut with Nanny

We know her close up shots make her look so big, so we wanted to share this photo of the surgeon with her, so you can see just how tiny this now six month old baby is.

Peanut 071713_DSC03479

We are so grateful for the outpouring of support for baby Peanut who has proven to be one tough little “nut”.  If anyone would like to sponsor her at Starbridge, you can go to our sponsorship page here.  We can’t wait to watch her grow!

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