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Transformations in Store: The 2015 Cleft Exchange

The 2015 Cleft Exchange is quickly approaching, and already more than 35 children are lined up for life-changing surgery. We cannot wait to see the life-changing transformations in store!

dr tolan baby

One family that stole our hearts during our 2014 Cleft Exchange was Liane and her grandparents. Liane’s mother left her in their care so she could go to the city and find work. When Liane was six months old, her caring grandparents brought her to Kaifeng Children’s Hospital when they heard about Love Without Boundaries’ offer of free quality surgeries for families in need. Thankfully, they did such a wonderful job hand-feeding their beloved granddaughter that Liane was healthy enough to have her cleft lip surgery.

Liane and grandparents (1)Liane and her grandparents

This year Liane and her grandparents will be returning so that she can have the cleft palate surgery that she needs to be able to learn how to speak appropriately. We can’t wait to see them again!

Liane after surgery 4-24-14Liane after cleft lip surgery

There are many little ones with complicated cleft lips who are coming for surgery next month. Two of them are Dezi and Adaya from Gansu Province. These little ones have waited for their turn at a quality repair. Since their first birthdays are approaching, we think a wonderful birthday gift for them would be a chance at a beautiful new smile.

Adaya and Dezi with names

As word spread about the cleft exchange, particularly in the area around Kaifeng, an orphanage contacted us about a family they knew. This family has a four-year-old daughter, whom we are calling Leora, who was born with a nose deformity.


When Leora was born, her grandfather had cancer and it was the family’s responsibility to pay for his treatment. They took out loans but didn’t have enough to pay for Leora’s surgery. Leora’s loving father knows that the upcoming Cleft Exchange may be his daughter’s only chance at a beautiful new nose, and he brought her to the hospital two weeks ago for the MRI we needed to determine if we could help her. He told Leora that she could not cry or the MRI could not be done. However, Leora couldn’t control her sobs and her father held and tried to calm her, with tears running down his face as well. Thankfully, Leora was able to get through the MRI, and our surgeons feel there is a good chance that they can help her.

Last year, Dr. Tolan gave 21-year-old Robin a beautiful nose and we know he will also do his very best to help Leora.

Robin-2Robin, before and after surgery

These children and many more need sponsors to help make their cleft-related surgeries possible during the Cleft Exchange in April. To see their sweet faces, please go to our medical sponsorship page.

Donations in any amount are welcome and make a difference in transforming the lives of these children!

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