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Cindy Wu & friend

Cindy Wu, our nutrition director in China, just returned from a tour of our nutrition programs in Anhui Province. This morning I had a ton of photos from her first stop, Xiaoxian, in my inbox. Cindy will translate her notes about the children and send them on to me later, but in the meantime I am having such fun looking at all the different expressions.

I’ve noticed that there are many different reactions to having a stranger like Cindy tag along on the monthly nutrition visits.

This little fellow was not at all happy to see a new face, however Cindy discovered that his affections could be bought for the price of one pretty flower.

Some kids practically burst with happiness when the meet somebody new. In my mind, I can see this little guy jumping up and down and yelling with excitement!

“I don’t trust you. I will make you disappear with my incredible mind powers!”

Looks like somebody is getting ratted out here: “Honest, mister, she’s the one who took that cookie!”

And then there are some who will do their very best fashion model pose for the camera. Isn’t she adorable?

I can’t wait to hear all about the children and see if I have accurately guessed their personalities. For now, I am thrilled to see these babies looking so engaged and healthy, thriving with their foster families, and getting the best possible start in life.

Jan Champoux
Nutrition Director

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