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Trust, Teacups, and Four-Star Ratings

I’m happy to announce that Charity Navigator, the largest independent evaluator of nonprofits in the U.S, has once again awarded Love Without Boundaries its highest 4-star rating for our commitment to ethical practices, financial accountability and transparency.

Charity Navigator evaluates thousands of nonprofits each year, and only one out of four earns this top recognition.

You might wonder what receiving another 4-star rating has to do with teacups, and I hope you will spare a few minutes of your time for me to tell you about a tiny antique teacup which was my great-grandmother’s.

This teacup is a special treasure to me as it has now been handed down in our family for four generations. I remember showing it to a dear friend when I was much younger, and as she held the delicate handle, she said, “Isn’t this the perfect analogy for trust? There’s no way to put a value on this tiny cup, because it means so much to your family and can never be replaced. But in one swift second you could drop it, shattering it across the floor.” She continued, “And while you could work really, really hard to put all the pieces together again, and perhaps you could even repair the cracks almost invisible to the naked eye with enough time, the reality is that it can never be as perfect and strong as it is right at this moment when it’s whole.”

I agreed with her that it was indeed a wonderful symbol for trust in relationships, and she looked at me and said, “Amy, as we go through our lives and set an example for our children, we need to do everything possible to not drop the cup.”

I’ve thought about that conversation many times over the years, and especially as our extraordinary work helping orphaned and rural children has unfolded. Trust is an integral part of everything we do with LWB.

There is trust on the part of the orphanages, when they allow us to move a child into our care.

There is trust on the part of the children and their caregivers, when we arrange for life-changing surgeries or encourage them to set big goals for their futures.

And of course, in innumerable ways, there is the trust of our donors – trust that when we take in your hard-earned dollars, we will be the very best stewards of those funds we can be.

I never take that trust for granted. It’s why each and every time we consider a new project or evaluate the success of the programs we are currently running, we ask ourselves first and foremost how to make the biggest impact for the children we can, while conducting our work with the highest honesty and integrity possible.

Thank you for partnering with us and for believing in our unwavering vision that every child born deserves love. You have my word that none of us with LWB ever want to “drop the teacup”.

We understand fully that it is only with your trust and support that we can continue to bring hope and healing to vulnerable children in need. We are truly grateful.

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

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  • Jenny says:

    Amy~~Incredible analogy with the delicate teacup. LWB continues to be a favorite organization. Thank you to you and your Team!