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Tuan Yuan Recipient Thrives!

The Tuan Yuan adoption assistance grants program was established in 2004 as a creative approach to helping children from China’s Waiting Child adoption program find their Forever Families. Rather than accepting grant applications from hopeful parents and then spending countless hours determining “eligibility,” we decided to offer the grants directly to the children! We know every child deserves a Forever Family and we make a special effort to find children who have waited the longest to be found by their family. Each time our fund reaches $3,000, we offer a Tuan Yuan Adoption Assistance Grant to a child who is at risk of having their file returned to the CCAA without a family.

All of our grant recipients have been success stories! Here is an update from the mother of one of our grant recipients that brought smiles to our faces last week:

Since joining our family, YuYu’s surgeries and medical care have brought the outcome that we were hoping for and YuYu is really quite pleased with the results. YuYu is doing great in school and has maintained a 3.6 gpa in spite of missing school for surgeries and hospital appointments. He meets every challenge with a smile on his face and puts forth his best effort!

YuYu’s teachers absolutely adore him. His reports cards always include comments about what a hard worker he is and what a joy he is to have in the classroom. He, likewise, loves his teachers and loves to go to school. He thrives on the structure there, and on all the attention his teachers lavish on him. He was recognized with an Award of Distinction of Excellence in the Study of English as a Second Language and a Circle of Courage Award from his school for demonstrating traits of belonging, independence, generosity, and mastery. YuYu has also been recognized by our community for reaching out to help others and was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for his volunteer work at our local hospice.

Like any other 8th grader, YuYu attends school dances, loves to bowl, is a member of his middle school’s homework club, enjoyed learning to kayak last summer, and is hoping to learn to swim without a lifejacket this summer. Although a bit shy, YuYu is willing to try new things. All in all, I am happy to report that YuYu is doing very well!

We are so proud of how well YuYu is doing and we are grateful to his Mom for sharing this glimpse into his new life. Our Tuan Yuan grant recipients remain a special part of the LWB family and we are always so pleased to receive follow-up information.

Debbie Smith
Tuan Yuan Adoption Assistance Coordinator
Love Without Boundaries Foundation
“Changing the world one child at a time”

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