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Tuesday in Shanghai

This is part three of our postings on the Shanghai neurosurgery mission done in partnership with the Shepherd’s Crook Ministries.


Another day of successful surgeries! And another day for dedicated people to pull together all for the sake of children. Here is news from Tingting’s report:
Hou came out of his surgery crying very hard, but a volunteer gave him a toy that could sing if you pulled on it. He loved it and it really calmed him down. He made it sing over and over and slowly he got himself back to sleep.

Jasmine came out crying too, but a volunteer really worked hard to sit by her and calm her down, and she soon fell alseep. When she woke up, she was crying again. Her caregiver picked her up, and one of the American doctors was there blowing bubbles to her. That really calmed her down and she even gave a few smiles!

Lily cried too when she came out of surgery, and she was also surrounded by so much love from her caregiver and volunteers. Lily is so tiny that her diapers didn’t even fit her! But her caregiver was so nice and she held the diaper in exactly the right way so that her surgical dressings would be okay.

Little Wendy’s surgery was quite long. Her orphanage director and foster mom were waiting outside the OR just so anxiously waiting for news. Wendy came out and the orphanage director immediately went over to hold her hand and walk down the hallway with her as they wheeled the bed to her room. Wendy was half crying and half moaning, but she was quickly falling asleep as the orphange director and her foster mom were taking such good care of her.

Taylor was the last one who came out. Before he came out, the volunteers kept saying how handsome he was going to be without the huge lump on his head. When he came out, people ran to see him and tears filled everyone’s eyes seeing this little handsome man with a normal head shape now. He was sleeping soundly.

Some of the kids from yesterday were crying a lot today because it was hard for them to accept laying on their tummy. Naomi was definitely a fighter – she never stopped crying and her caregiver never got any sleep, but she was still so patient and so loving, trying everything she could to make Naomi calm down. Han was crying too but she was also surrounded by loving and caring caregivers. Jacob and Wendy (the older one) both had fevers today. Jacob has been sleeping most of the time. Wendy was awake and she was proud of herself being the oldest child there and setting a good example for the others kids to be brave. She always tried to smile. The volunteers love this child so much!!! Heather doesn’t need to sleep on her tummy – lucky her.. so she has been sleeping most of the time!


Late on Tuesday night, Dr. Bao called Tingting and said he was still in the hospital checking on all of the kids. He said everyone was sleeping well and all the babies were quiet. Tomorrow’s surgeries are Fan Ai, TianTian, Julia, Liu, and Yuan. As always, we are so grateful for your prayers. Here are some more images from today. The little girl below definitely was not happy about seeing the nurse come her way.

Shaving Lily’s hair before surgery.

Enjoying a bath with a wonderful volunteer.

This little girl is still so beautiful with her freshly shaved head.

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