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Tutoring Program in Kaifeng



The Kaifeng tutoring program has had a rough year, but I am happy to report that we just rolled out a much improved program. Previously, we had a tutor to work with those with special needs who were unable to attend regular schools. We found that the tutor spent a lot of time traveling to work with each student and was only able to visit once a week. This just wasn’t enough to serve the needs of these kids and it was difficult to retain a tutor willing to travel the distances.

We now have 6 students in foster care in the same area so that a tutor can provide lessons 5 days a week for the whole group. We have found a tutor who is excited about the opportunity to serve these special needs students in this new arrangement. The students also seem to be excited about learning in this group setting.

Here are some photos from the first week’s lessons.

I can see the enthusiasm and care in the tutor’s face. Just look at how the children are responding and participating!

The tutor is already making plans to develop lessons that better support the special needs of these students.


Nancy Williams
Kaifeng Education Coordinator

Love Without Boundaries’ education, equipping children with the brightest future possible.

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