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Twenty Adoptions from Foster Care

Because we believe so strongly that every child born deserves a permanent family of his or her own, we of course celebrate each and every time a child in one of our programs is adopted.  We just had to share the wonderful news that since the beginning of 2016, twenty children from our foster care program have been adopted, both internationally and domestically!  We wish a fond farewell to seven boys and thirteen girls who are now precious sons or daughters.

LeoLeo (Dingyuan)

Winston (Dingyuan)

Donny (Fuyang)

Callie 1.16Callie (Fuyang)

Maureen (Huainan)

Bonnie-Jean (Loudi)

 Serenity (Qiandongnan)

QuinntellmystoryQuinn (Shantou)

Victoria (Tongren)

Matilda (Tongren)

Lucia (Tongren)

Christiana (Tongren)

Eva (Tongren)

Georgia (Xiaoxian)

Betti (Xiaoxian)

Vivienne (Zhang Village)

Tony (Zhang Village)

Three children who were previously in our foster care programs were also adopted: Pearl, Grant, and Luis.

PearlchairPearl (Liuzhi)

Grant1.15Grant (Shantou)

Luis (Tongren)

Seven of these adoptions were domestic…nearly one-third! It is truly something to celebrate that an increasing number of families in China are choosing domestic adoption, and it’s heartwarming to think of so many orphaned children getting the opportunity to grow up in their own culture, loved and treasured in the arms of their family.

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  • Brett says:

    Once again, thank you for the extraordinary advocacy for, of course, the children, but also for family and community.

    The abiding respect you show time and again for the Chinese culture has created trust and respect that’s evident across the world.

    We’re still misty-eyed from reading about this year’s cleft palate outreach program It’s like whole families were healed, too!

    It’s a privilege to witness your work.

  • chinalwb says:

    You can always email our Adoption Advocacy Team at adoption@lwbmail.com for more information on adoption. Thank you, and best wishes!

  • Fatima Rametta says:

    Betti (Xiaoxian) quero informação dessa bebe e tbm da bebe Bonnie-Jean (Loudi) ,Callie (Fuyang), essas criançsa podem me informar ? e temos que pagar pela adoção sou do Brasil preciso das informações ,e tem como realizar adoção sem precisar ir até na china ,pois não ando de avião …