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Twins Ana and Lisa

Sweet Ana and her twin sister Lisa came to the Mukono Baby home in January under very sad circumstances. Their mother had died soon after their birth from post-partum complications, possibly as a result of malaria.

When the twins first entered the Mukono Baby Room, blood work indicated that Lisa (seen below) was suffering from congenital malaria, in which the parasites are transmitted either during pregnancy or during labor. Congenital malaria can result in prematurity and slower weight gain in newborns.

Bloodwork for Ana thankfully showed that she was malaria-free. She’s been growing steadily since she came to the home as she eats and sleeps well.

Ana and Lisa are together in a special ‘intensive care’ unit of the home where they receive lots of loving care from their nannies and special formula around the clock. The girls have become very alert, and the staff tells us they have started giving big smiles in response to making eye contact with their nannies.

We expect they will be in the home for at least several more months as they are nursed to full health. Our hope for these beautiful girls is that they can then be reunited with extended relatives.

In the meantime, we are seeking a sponsor for each girl to help support her care in the wonderful Mukono Baby Room. Can you help?

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