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Two Countries, Two Families, One Goal: Love for MJ

We were matched with our son, MJ, in October 2014.

MJ QiandongnanFC 4.15

Shortly after that, we learned he was in the Qiandongnan foster care program through Love Without Boundaries. We were so happy and thankful to hear this news. We are supporters of Love Without Boundaries and admire all of the work they do for orphaned children in China. We knew that our son would be receiving the love and care that he so desperately needed.

MJ sisterMJ and his foster sister Ivy

We knew that this program would be a blessing to him and us by helping him understand what the love of a family is. Because he was in foster care, we knew he would be getting the attention that he needed to help him reach his full potential.

Once we completed MJ’s adoption and returned home, we requested and received the monthly foster care updates as well as many photos of him which showed that he was thriving and loved. The pictures and write ups tell the story of our son receiving love, new clothing, treats, and opportunities to interact with other children in family settings.


We learned that holidays were celebrated with families in a normal family environment. Through the photos and reports, we now have the story of MJ learning to walk and growing up healthy.


When we first met our son in June 2015, we could tell that he had been loved. His attachment to us came quickly. He bonded well with his big sister while in China, and we feel it is because he had a foster sister that he adored.


MJ has been home two months, and he has grown and blossomed even more. He quickly bonded with his daddy and other siblings, too. He fell right into our family routines as if he has always been here. It helped that he had a good sleeping and eating routine. MJ accepts our love and care and knows that we are his family and that we adore him.


We know the transition has been easier for him compared to other children because he spent time with a loving foster family in China. We are so thankful for the foster care program that Love Without Boundaries provides to many little ones in China. It makes a big difference in the lives of the children and gives them hope for a brighter future.


I am so thankful there are families willing to invest their time in these children’s lives and for the foster care program that supports this much-needed cause.

~Angie Harvey

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