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Two Happily Ever Afters

Once upon a time, we dreamed of growing our family through adoption.


We fell in love at first sight with a little girl LWB supporters may know as “Amanda”. Upon seeing this photo and a video of her, we immediately asked to lock her file. We didn’t even bother to have her medicals reviewed. She was our daughter, and we knew it the second that we saw her. She was our Sarah Faith.

Amanda referral2

However, her file was with another agency. This agency was determined to help Sarah Faith find her family. Without hesitation, they graciously transferred her file to our agency.

We knew Sarah Faith had heart issues and were so worried about her. Our agency took measures to expedite our adoption process to get her (and our new son) home as soon as possible.

Amanda healing home
I can’t tell you what a gift it was to know that she was being cared for by the nannies at the Heartbridge Healing Home while we waited to bring her home. It gave us the greatest peace to know that she was being loved and protected until the day she was placed in our arms.

Sarah Faith FuJie became our daughter on June 8th 2015, and we can’t remember life without her!

Sarah Thaggard

Sarah Thaggard sister
We will never be able to thank Love Without Boundaries enough for being there not only for Sarah Faith , but also for our son, Adam.

Adam Thaggard 7.08

Adam was adopted in 2009 and received his lifesaving heart surgery through LWB’s medical program at the age of eight months . Thanks to LWB sponsors and the nannies who refused to give up on him, Adam is now a happy, healthy eight-year-old.

Adam Thaggard
Thank you to LWB and their supporters for being part of our family’s “happily ever after”!

~Andrea Thaggard is the mother of nine children, five of whom were adopted from China.

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