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Tyler and Friends: Love In Action

Tyler is a vibrant and smart six-year-old boy whose smile lights up the room. He has been a student at our Believe In Me School in Qingyang since it opened eleven months ago. Prior to the school opening, Tyler did not have the opportunity to regularly attend school with his peers due to his disability.

Tyler 6.15

Thanks to LWB’s amazing supporters, now Tyler’s days are filled with a specialized educational curriculum and accompanying sensory-rich activities to stimulate his growing mind. Tyler’s teachers report that he likes studying and is learning to ask many questions.

Tyler 5

Currently, Tyler is working on creating art projects by cutting & pasting, threading beads on a string, lacing his shoes, naming his colors & shapes, drawing several animals, and playing dress-up.  He is now also able to read many Chinese characters and count to 20. What amazing progress in a short amount of time! We are excited to see Tyler’s curiosity & love for learning continue to flourish.

Tyler 1

Another wonderful benefit Tyler receives from attending school daily is the building of close friendships with other students. Mandy, an LWB volunteer, recently visited the Qingyang Believe In Me School and made some beautiful observations about Tyler & his friends:

This little group of boys seemed to show up here and there around the orphanage, always with bright smiles on their faces. One little boy could not move his arms due to cerebral palsy. Another of the boys had weakness in his legs, but his arms worked fine. At one moment, I saw the little boy who couldn’t use his arms being fed by the little boy beside him with leg weakness. Where one lacked, the other made up. This group of boys was always together – pushing each others’ wheelchairs, picking up each others’ crayons that drop, feeding, dressing, fetching a stray ball for one another, and talking about their day to each other. It was so beautiful. They are always looking out for the other. Willing to be the others’ arms, or legs, or whatever is weak.

Tyler 4

It does my heart so much good to know that they have knit a small family for themselves. They complete each other selflessly, never expecting anything from the other one, but performing the most fluid acts of service as they go throughout each day. So much to learn from these sweet kids. Love, respect, and giving. Giving to each other, no matter their situation.

Tyler 8

Tyler 3

We are so happy that LWB’s sponsors have not only given Tyler the gift educational stimulation, but they have also given him the gift of real community. And for that, we are truly thankful.

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