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Uganda Pediatric Surgery Mission: Day Two

As the campus of Holy Innocents Children’s Hospital filled with waiting families, the first day of surgeries got started bright and early. Excitement filled the air as each parent heard the news that their child was being added to the surgery schedule.

This morning, our team had the great fun of handing out care packs to the children who had come to the hospital. While we know their parents were happy to see the warm blankets and mosquito nets, the kids were of course more interested in the toys!

Vincent thought the ball and truck he received were pretty awesome

Each child also received a special t-shirt to take home with them from the mission to remind them how very special they are to this world. We love that “Every Child Counts” tees will help spread this important message!

Precious has the most beautiful smile

We think little Obed was particularly rocking his LWB shirt.  Sign the boy up for a magazine shoot now!

The majority of surgeries that will be done this week are for hernias, which is the most common surgery needed by children around the world. One of the types of hernia that children can have is called an inguinal hernia, and it impacts anywhere from 1-5% of all children born.

Inguinal hernias cannot heal on their own. Surgery is required to prevent the intestines from “incarcerating” and becoming strangled. One of the most common signs of an inguinal hernia, unfortunately, is pain, which is something we don’t want any child to have to endure.

Today we’d like to introduce you to baby Don Grant, who was brought to the mission by his proud parents. At just two months of age, he is one of the youngest children here this week.

Don Grant’s parents realized at birth that their little boy needed medical attention. They are so happy to be at the mission and sent this message to those who made his surgery possible:  “This has been a great opportunity for us to help our little Don Grant at an early stage. We were so worried about him. Thank you for giving so generously, and may God bless you.”  

Don Grant and his devoted mama

As Don Grant was placed on the OR table to prepare for his surgery, he looked a little unsure of what was about to happen, but we are happy to report that he came through surgery well.

Also on the OR schedule today was little Angella.

Angella’s mom began to worry greatly when her daughter became sick after every meal and was unable to keep food down. Her parents took her to see a doctor who told them that she had a severe hernia. She was given some syrup and advised to go immediately for surgery, but due to a lack of money, the surgery could not be done.

While we know Angella might not look very excited to see our team, her parents are very thankful her condition can now be repaired. Hopefully, she will be able to smile again really soon.

Eight-year-old Clever has suffered from the pain of his hernia for over two years.

His mother is a rural farmer with very limited funds, so when her son was first diagnosed she was unable to afford the surgery he needed. In an attempt to relieve his pain, she could only offer him herbal medicine. She said the past two years have been full of emotional distress to see Clever in this condition for so long. We are just so grateful that Clever’s surgery could take place today and hope he will be able to enjoy his new toy truck very soon.

Another child on the mission who has waited so very long for surgery is 11-year-old Shirah.  Her parents are farmers as well, and they told our team that she began having pain right after she was born. Shirah has waited eleven long years to finally receive her operation, and her mother was so happy that her daughter would FINALLY be healed.

The final story we want to share with you today is about Faishra and his grandmother. This handsome little guy is five years old.

Faishra and his siblings lost their mother when he was a tiny baby, and since that time he has been cared for by his grandmother. When he was six months old, Faishra’s grandma found out that he was suffering from a painful hernia and immediately sought medical help. Because of their poverty, each time she took him to the local hospital, they told her to return home and come back when he was older.

When Faishra’s grandmother learned about this medical mission offering free pediatric surgeries, she knew they couldn’t miss this chance.  We are all hoping that Faishra will soon feel much better after finally receiving the operation his little body needed.

We are happy to report that 30 wonderful children received life-changing surgeries today. The medical team worked long hours, and at the end of the first day, the hospital ward was filled with sleepy children recovering from their operations and parents giving thanks.

LWB team member Rogers told us that Day Two of the medical mission had been “amazingly beautiful,” and team member Joy wrote, “Mothers that had given up, conditions that had lasted for years, but at the end of the day, you could see smiles and hearts filled with hope once again. The mothers shared that it was a really painful season for them, but praise be to God that this opportunity came and the children received the healing they deserved.”

Thank you all for standing with us in our belief that Every Child Counts.  For babies like little James below, you are bringing the essential medical care that each little patient needs.

More tomorrow!

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  • Mariam Nassaka says:

    Understanding the health needs of our children and addressing them with possible ways is the most precious act. Thank you for improving the health status of our future doctors, entrepreneurs, teachers and change makers. I am thankful for all your efforts.

  • Thank you for what you are doing for the children of Uganda. You are a blessing!

    I work on Uganda (Jinja Kamuli, Iganga area) and am wondering if you ever offer surgeries in this area.

  • Resty Nassiwa says:

    Thank you so much LWB for relieving the pain from the little children and for bringing happiness into their lives.
    God’s blessings is all I pray for you.