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Uganda Update: More Than Posho

Have you ever heard of posho?  We sure hadn’t until we first became involved with helping children in Uganda. We now know that posho is the #1 staple of a Ugandan diet. Posho is ground maize, or corn, mixed with water until it forms a huge block that can be cut into pieces that then can be easily picked up to eat.

Posho fills up tummies, but on its own it does not have a lot of nutritional value. For children in the village where our Believe in Me Kabale school is located, posho is often their primary food. As we have noted before, many of the children here often receive just one meager meal per day. We are aiming to change that with our hot meal and sustainable nutrition programs.

In the back of the current schoolroom in Kabale is a large bucket filled with a simmered bean paste that can be put over the posho for protein. Protein is what these children need, and we are happy to be able to provide that as part of the sponsorships for the students like Grace in our Believe in Me school!

We definitely have our work cut out for us as we work together to create a sustainable, long term solution for the needs of these wonderful children. We are speaking with other charities who specialize in nutritional issues in Africa and reading the research being done in Uganda on fighting malnutrition. Many studies show that it is often difficult to source a completely local solution.

In China, we have faced great challenges on different orphan issues and have seen very real solutions come to fruition when we all work together.  We are already seeing a lot of encouraging news from our new school program in Kabale, and we wanted to share one boy’s story with you today.

Three-year-old Cole began attending our Believe in Me Kabale school late this summer. Although school is a new experience for him, Cole is becoming a bit less shy and reserved. They say he especially love to participate in the many musical activities.

Cole in August 2016

The best news is that since we kicked off our nutrition program, Cole has gained seven pounds and grown two inches!


The breakfast and lunch he eats each day incorporate milk, fruit, and extra protein to supplement his previous diet of beans and rice or posho, and it definitely has Cole looking radiantly healthy.

getting-milkLining up for milk from the new cow purchased through our Sustainable Nutrition program

Our team members in Uganda will continue to monitor the height and weights of these children, and we look forward to seeing lots more gains in the months ahead.

Having a full tummy and good health benefits all the children by helping them to develop normally and be better able to focus on learning. We hope you’ll join us in this wonderful new initiative!

Read more about the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan here.

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