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Unity Fund Girls

The goal of Love Without Boundaries’ Unity Fund is to keep impoverished families together by providing medical care to children in need. Today we’d like to feature two lovely girls, one of whom has already had her surgery through our Unity Fund and one of whom is hoping to be funded for surgery.

Beautiful Yuqing is new to our Unity Fund Program and is in the hospital awaiting urgent heart surgery. Her VSD has gone unrepaired for a long time as her parents have waited and hoped that they would have enough money to pay for her surgery. Below is a note from Yuqing’s father, Junhong:

In 2007, my daughter Yuqing was born. She was often sick as a baby and was found to have a congenital heart defect (CHD). My mother has high blood pressure and severe arthritis. My father had a stroke in 2006. These two elderly people need medicine all the time. Plus, I have to pay for my son’s high school tuition so there is no way I can afford the surgery for Yuqing. I always say do it later. Each time I look at the helpless eyes of my daughter, it was like someone cutting my heart with a knife. But recently, she fainted at school and fell off from the stairs. I know she cannot wait anymore. I tried my best to borrow money but could only get a little. I heard there is a “Love Without Boundaries Foundation” who can help us. Thanks to all the nice people who help the children with heart problems. I really need donation urgently for her surgery.

Yuqing’s family is anxiously waiting word that her surgery has been funded before they proceed. If you would like to help sponsor Yuqing’s heart surgery, please see her donation page.

Yuan Yuan waited sixteen years to finally have her cleft lip and palate surgery. Yuan Yuan was abandoned as an infant and found her way into the care of her foster father. Her foster father is now elderly and was too weak to take Yuan Yuan to the hospital for her surgery. A nanny from the local orphanage went with her instead. Yuan Yuan’s date of birth is unknown, but the foster father estimates that she is 16 because she has been with him for that many years. She attends a junior high school in a rural area of Anhui Province but struggles to speak correctly and is often ill-treated because of her different appearance.

Thanks to our generous donors, Yuan Yuan finally had her cleft lip and palate surgeries last week. Just one of those surgeries is painful enough, and she had to endure both at once. Poor Yuan Yuan was in a lot of pain after the surgeries, but has gradually felt better. When the nanny told her she looked beautiful, Yuan Yuan couldn’t smile, but her eyes lit up showing her pleasure. We can’t wait to see her new smile! What a difference this medical care will make in the life of this beautiful young lady.

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