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Unity In Action

Our Unity Initiative has seen a lot of action this past month! We thought now would be a good time to provide some updates on the families that we have committed to helping.

It’s now been two months since conjoined twins Harley and James had their separation surgery, and they are doing wonderfully.  Last week, their parents and grandmother brought them to the hospital in Shanghai for clubfoot repair.

Harley and James’ parents say that the boys love sleeping together, which is not surprising since they spent so much of their lives connected!

Bonnie Jean and her mother

Bonnie Jean has been in the hospital this week with her mother always by her side. Shortly after her birth, her father passed away, leaving her mom and grandfather on their own in extreme poverty. Bonnie Jean was savagely attacked by a wild animal when she was a baby, and her family was unable to provide any medical care to her since their financial situation was so dire. The entire right side of her face was damaged, and her right eye was lost.

Bonnie Jean Mom 4.29.16

This past week, doctors performed a lengthy surgery on the right side of Bonnie Jean’s face. She is recovering very nicely so far and is expected to be discharged soon.

We’ve also had an influx of families from Yunnan province requesting our help. The majority of Yunnan is made up of very small towns and villages, and the hospitals there are not as technologically advanced as those in larger cities. We think that this is why so many families make the journey to the capital of Kunming looking for medical help for their children with medical needs.

Baby Kenna is seven months old and was born with cleft lip. Her parents are farmers in rural Yunnan, and they have a meager income. Kenna’s surgery must be paid for up front, and her mom and dad were unable to save enough. We were so pleased that our Unity Initiative supporters made it possible for us to say, “Yes” to Kenna’s parents when they asked for help with her medical costs! Kenna should have her cleft lip repair surgery next week.

Kenna before her cleft lip surgery

Fourteen-month-old Kali lives in the mountains in rural Yunnan. Her father supports Kali and her mom, his sister and parents, as well as his in-laws. In 2014, the family survived an earthquake, but their home was badly damaged. Kali’s father finds what work he can as a laborer to support the family.

Kali and her parents

When Kali was born with a cleft palate, the family started saving to be able to pay for her surgery. The entire family survives on about $1,500 a year, so it has been very difficult for them to save what was needed for her medical care. They were thrilled to hear about Love Without Boundaries, and we are honored to partner with the parents to help pay for Kali’s cleft repair.

Kaydence is a sweet girl who was born with a cleft palate. Her parents, also farmers in Yunnan, have been trying to save money to pay for her palate repair but haven’t been able to come up with the amount needed.


Kaydence’s mother told us, ” I will tell my daughter to remember your help in the future when she grows up. Thank you so much!”

Kade was born with a cleft palate. He is eleven months old and lives in rural Yunnan with his parents and his four grandparents.

Kade in the hospital

The family has tried to borrow from friends for Kade’s surgery, but his father’s income as a temporary laborer is just not enough. LWB has commited to help the family cover the remaining cost of his surgery.

You can play an integral part in helping rural families stay united by making a donation of any amount to our Unity Initiative. With Mother’s Day in the US fast approaching, what a wonderful way to help impoverished moms who are feeling desperation from not being able to provide medical care their children need.

Please partner with us to ease that burden, and donate today.

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  • Jenny says:

    Heartwarming that the families are able to stay together because of the Unity Fund. Thanks so much for sharing their stories.