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Unity Initiative: Help Us Say “Yes”

In the work we do helping impoverished families receive medical care in China, we have found that raising funds for children in need of cleft repairs can sometimes be a complicated affair, primarily due to timing. Today we wanted to explain how many of the surgeries are arranged.

Many rural, farming families live a long distance from the top hospitals in their province known for providing cleft surgeries. The nearest hospital or clinic isn’t just down the street. Instead, it may be located many hours or even a day’s travel from their homes in the countryside, and getting there often takes quite a lot of effort. Most families we help do not have cars and travel by long distance bus or trains to get their child medical help. They must arrange for time off from work or away from their fields and farms or herds.

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Often, families spend a great deal of their savings and travel a very long distance to be seen by doctors who specialize in cleft repair. Imagine how disheartening it must be when they finally arrive at the hospital to learn that the cost of their child’s cleft repair is more than they have saved.

Medical care in China must typically be paid for up front, and we have seen firsthand how heartbreaking it is for families to learn that they don’t have adequate funds for the surgery their child needs.

Once at the hospitals, some families hear of LWB’s Unity Initiative, our fund to help impoverished families get medical help for their children. Families submit an letter of application and proof of their financial situation, and then if they qualify they are eligible for help from our Unity Initiative.

While we would prefer to have the funds in place before we agree to surgery, we realize that for many families this will create a financial hardship. Most families do not have the time or resources to travel all the way back home again or wait in a hotel while we attempt to raise the funds. They might not be able to take additional time away from their fields or work to come back for a surgery.  While sometimes we are able to fund surgeries in a matter of days, other children often take several weeks to have the funds they require be donated.

If we can have those funds raised ahead of time, then we are in the position to say “Yes” when an impoverished family in need asks for help. This saves time and money and a lot of heartache for the family!

$500 can help an impoverished child receive life-changing cleft lip surgery.

$800 can provide surgery to repair a cleft palate.

Please consider making a donation in any amount towards our Unity Initiative so that we can help these families and their children immediately and let them get back to the business of recovering and healing — at home.

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