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Unity Initiative: Helping Families From Yunnan

LWB’s Unity Initiative has been in place for eight years now, with the hope of relieving the desperation felt by rural families who cannot afford medical care for their children.  Recently, more and more families in the far western province of Yunnan have learned about this program, and in the last few weeks alone, we have had eight families apply for help.

Dulce 3 4.13.16

This week, we learned about a young couple who are farmers near Zhaotong, a mountainous and remote town in northeastern Yunnan. It is a six hour bus ride from their rural home to the capitol city of Kunming, and they arrived this week hoping someone would be able to help their baby daughter, whom we are calling Dulce, to have the cleft surgery she needs.

Dulce 2 4.13.16

The father took a piece of paper and wrote us a letter, signed with his thumbprint. It reads:

My daughter was born with congenital cleft lip. We are farmers, and I sometimes do extra labor work as well to make ends meet. We also have three elderly grandparents to support in our family.  We tried to borrow money from relatives to do the surgery for my daughter, but we are still short of funds. We heard of LWB when we came to Kunming Children’s Hospital to help our daughter. And we are so glad to know LWB could possibly give help to us. So we write this application for your Unity Fund. We hope we can have the help for our baby, and we will be very grateful. We will let our daughter know about the help she has received when she grows up. Thank you!

Dulce 4.13.16

Dulce’s family needs $600 to have the remaining amount needed for their daughter’s surgery.  Donations in any amount to help Dulce or to go towards our Unity Initiative would be greatly appreciated!

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