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Unity Update: Cody and Drew

Now that COVID-19 has stabilized in China, our Unity Initiative is once again receiving new children into our program and providing life-saving surgeries to children from rural areas of Anhui province. We recently welcomed two new children into our program: Cody and Drew.

Cody was diagnosed with his heart defect when he was less than one week old. This news was “snow plus frost” to his parents who did not want to believe it was possible. They took him to several different hospitals, hoping someone would give them a different diagnosis, as they knew they could never afford the costs of heart surgery on the father’s meager and sporadic income.

Unfortunately, Cody’s diagnosis did not change. His doctors have said his condition is quite severe and have recommended that he have surgery as soon as possible.

Drew is one of three sons in his family. He and his twin brother were born just eight months ago.

After a sudden illness that required a trip to the hospital, Drew was diagnosed with a heart defect that would need surgery to repair.

His already financially strained family could not believe the news. After the spread of COVID-19 shuttered his father’s small businesses, they found themselves barely able to pay their basic living expenses. Another family member helps buy all of the diapers and formula for the boys, so how could they possibly afford surgery?

We are so glad our partner hospital in Hefei was able to connect both of these families with us so we could say yes to funding the surgeries that they need! We are now working quickly to raise $2,800 for each boy to cover our share of their cardiac operations.

We are very thankful for all of the support to our Unity Initiative program that has given each of these baby boys the opportunity to be healed.

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