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Unity Update: Selia, Bella, and Pete

Recently, seven-year-old Selia was taken to the hospital with pneumonia and could not easily recover. Doctors told her concerned family that she had a VSD heart defect that needed repair.

The hospital told the family about our Unity Initiative, a program to help impoverished families remain together by funding medical care that they could not otherwise afford. Next, a generous supporter of our Unity Initiative funded Selia’s heart surgery, and she arrived at the hospital yesterday to prepare for surgery.

Two more children from rural Anhui are awaiting heart surgeries through our Unity Initiative:  Bella and Pete. We are hopeful that Bella and Pete’s surgeries will soon be funded as well.

Bella was born with two holes in her heart which doctors hoped would close on their own. Bella’s mother disappeared when she was an infant, and she lives with her disabled father and extended family.

Her aunt, Bella’s primary caregiver, applied for help through our Unity Initiative. She tells us that when they learned about Bella’s need for surgery, the news hit them “like a thunderclap”. The family struggles financially and has many challenges, including several older family members who are ill.

Bella’s aunt writes:  We’re poor, but…I cannot give up on getting medical care for my niece. She is only a little more than two years old. Her life has just started. I want to see that she lives healthily and happily, and want to see her grow up with a bright future! With the help of some kind-hearted persons, I got to know LWB and your stories assisting and caring about impoverished families. I herein write to apply for LWB’s assist for my niece’s surgery so that she can live a healthy and happy life like other normal child.

Pete is seven years old and lives with his grandfather and parents. Like Pete, his parents are deaf and non-verbal. They are unable to work more than odd jobs, so their income is very limited.

Pete’s grandpa writes: We have very limited financial ability, but we have not given up hope. We have taken the child to many hospitals year after year. The doctors told us that his heart may be able to heal spontaneously. We have carefully raised the child up to seven years, but now we’re told he needs surgery to heal his heart. We herein plead with LWB to extend your helping hand to my grandson so that he can live as happy as a normal child.

Please consider making a donation in any amount to help us get Bella and Pete the heart surgeries they desperately need. Bella currently needs $2,800 to cover hear surgery, and Pete needs $2,370.

Their lives are important. They matter, and we cannot wait to see them healed.

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