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Update on Baby Hercules!

It’s time for another “Hercules” update! Many of you will remember baby Hercules from our cleft mission in the fall of 2005…a teeny-tiny boy with cleft lip and palate, who is responsible for starting our wonderful relationship with the Kaifeng orphanage in Henan. I had just started volunteering with LWB a month earlier, so Hercules was the first child that I got to “know” as an individual. It has been wonderful to follow his progress for over two years now, and to see what a group of total strangers can do for the life of one child…and then watch that spill over into the lives of so many others.

I just received a new photo of Hercules, along with a little information from the orphanage. Our teeny-tiny little lad is now in the 50th percentile for height, and the 97th percentile for weight. With a new smile, good food, and a loving foster family, he has turned into quite the little tank!

Hercules continues to drink formula three times each day, giving him all the extra calories and vitamins he needs to stay strong and healthy. He also eats breakfast, lunch and dinner with his foster parents, who describe him as “a very sweet, sensible child.” Each night as his foster father moves his bicycle into the house, Hercules assumes the role of Little Helper and holds the door open. He also helps to care for his foster brother, bringing his shoes each morning as brother wakes up. Hercules also helps his foster mother, bringing chairs to the table for each meal. He has become more outgoing recently, smiling easily and chatting happily with his foster family. What a wonderfully normal life for a child!

Thank you for being a part of one child’s story of HOPE!

Jan Champoux
Love Without Boundaries Foundation
“Touching lives, one child at a time”

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