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Update on Brody: A True Foster Care Success Story

I believe it was July when I first heard from an adoptive parent asking if their son, the one featured on our website as a foster care success story, just might be their future son.  When I realized that “my” little Brody had a forever family, I was overjoyed!  It is with great delight that I share his story and pictures, now with his adoptive family, who he finally joined in September!

From his mom:

“After a week at home, he really started coming out of his shell.  After a month at home now, he is a different kid.  He giggles and smiles and is very, very active.  He never sits still.  He knows who Mom and Dad are, reaches for us, and smiles like crazy when he sees us after work.  He now makes eye contact, signs for small things, and, if he can’t sign for it, will grab your arm and drag you to what he wants. Communication has not been nearly as hard as we thought it would be.

He thinks brushing his teeth is the most fun ever, loves bath time, and his favorite part of a gift is the bag and tissue.  Little things we don’t even think about are hilarious to him! He loves trains, and, when we play Thomas the Tank Engine, he will run into his room and bring back one of his toy trains.  He has a little wagon he loves to ride around in.  Blocks and Legos are a big hit, but mostly to throw around the house and not so much to build with!  Nothing gets him laughing harder than being thrown up into the air by his dad.

We have no doubt that foster care was Brody’s saving grace.  Brody is active, verbal, and very loving.  We believe that Brody’s foster parents taught him that he is valued, and that he can trust and rely on those around him.  The gift his foster parents gave him was enormous.  While we can not pay them back, we can keep their generosity in our hearts and minds until Brody is ready to learn about his adoption story and their place in his past.

Brody is thriving.  After three and a half years, binders of paperwork, and a trip across the world, we can share with absolute certainty that Brody is supposed to be with us.  We can only thank everyone who contributed to this little boy’s life.  Our son is home.”

And so little Brody has come full circle–he learned about the love of a family in China when placed in foster care, and now every day he gets to wake up in the arms of his very own family.  Brody greets each day knowing his mom and dad are just waiting to play, whether it’s Thomas the Tank Engine or being tossed up in the air to his heart’s delight!

Nancy Delpha

Xinxiang Foster Care Associate Coordinator

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