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Update on the Kids – Day One

Our internet has been down, so we haven’t been able to post as much as we like, but here is the recap of how the kids did on the first day of surgeries.

The first baby to be operated on was a little girl named Li. She had a unilateral cleft lip and after surgery it looked amazing. She was fussy for a good portion of the day but by 5:30 her caregiver was carrying her around and she was very content. She has very soft hair that sticks straight up to the point that she looks like there is a static field around her. She is a very pretty baby and the caregiver was happy to show her off. There is a male care giver and a female caregiver for the two children from her SWI. They were very attentive to her and stroked her head, and rocked her crib all day.

Next up was Jiang from Jiangxi. This was our biggest baby of the day, and it really made me laugh because they sent him down to the operating room with all of his layers of clothes on. The nurse preparing him just slipped his hospital gown on over the top to add the 6th layer. I actually took that baby to the OR and stayed for awhile to observe. Jiang’s surgery took a bit longer because he had a bilateral cleft lip. When he came back upstairs he was quite fussy for a few hours but finally settled down with the careful attention of his ayi. Jiang has a very pretty head of hair; it is even a bit wavy. After a few hours he was quiet and just looking around the room.

Third up was little Lan. She has very pale skin but all of her blood work proved to be very acceptable so we were able to operate on her. She was much smaller then I had expected her to be but she makes up for it with her bright eyes and wide smile. Before surgery she was always kicking and stretching and craning her neck to make sure she was able to see all that was going on around her. Her surgery went well but she required a little bit of oxygen during the afternoon. She was mostly quiet and slept after surgery while her Ayi stroked her head. This Ayi was also with one of the babies we healed last year in Shanghai , and she and I recognized each other immediately. In fact there are three Ayis here that I knew from last year.

Ping was our 4th baby for the day and she was so much fun to play with. She was so patient and really wasn’t very fussy at all considering she had to go without eating for so many hours. I held her a few different times during the morning , and I was able to get her to laugh out loud on several different occasions. Her lip was a bilateral but just looked so good after surgery that we were all saying “she had a bilateral? Really?” She had a little bit of a fever in the recovery room, but by the time we were making rounds before we left it was improving. The sad part about these trips is that we are not here long enough usually to see the beautiful post op smiles re-appear. Their lips are too sore to smile for the first few days, and I already miss her smile. I hope we will get some great photos later when it makes its reappearance.

Last but not least was baby Rui. This child deserves an award for going the longest without eating. For this reason she was not really a happy camper towards the end of the day. She was fussy off and on but her Ayi did a good job of trying to distract her with songs and hand games. She seemed a bit more serious and somber then some of the other babies in the room, but she also seemed very attached to her Ayi. She came up from surgery just about 15 minutes before we left for the day so I didn’t get to take a post op photo of her. I was able to give her a quick look, however, and her repair looks very good.

More news tomorrow!

Wendy Petersen, RN

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  • Shelly YOrk says:

    Wnedy- Just bawling like a baby at the photos of the kids who have had this surgery. Thank you! Our son had bilateral cl/cp and had surgery before we met him by a group like LWB…and LWB then got good nutrtion in Eli at his SWI with the partnership of LWB. The children are just adorable and we are praying for you and them. May the Lord continue to give your team strength and resources in the days ahead.
    Shelly —Mommy to a Foshan Shunde kiddo (Elijah)